About Me

I work with organizations to help realize the full potential for technology. As a trusted advisor I help executive and technology decision makers with some of their hardest decisions and have delivered on some of the most demanding challenges. As an engineer and architect, I’ve worked extensively with Microsoft enterprise technology stacks from my early professional days in the 90s working with C++ and Visual Basic, to the birth of .Net, to the extraordinary growth of the cloud and Microsoft Azure today. I have extensive experience designing, architecting, and building cloud native applications on Azure and helping organizations realize the full potential of the Azure Cloud Platform. I have a special focus area of Serverless Platforms, especially Azure Functions.

I have also been engaging with the technology community for most of my career and can be found speaking at conferences and community events throughout the country. I’m a Microsoft MVP in Azure and also help co-organize various technology meetups including the Triangle .Net Usergroup, Triangle Serverless Meetup, and other Raleigh and regional technology organizations.

I work for ZScaler where I’m a Principal Cloud Engineer with the CSPM/Public Cloud Infrastructure Security team. I have a couple wonderful children and equally wonderful wife who also share my love for the Carolinas and share my love for the unique beauty that is a Carolina sunset! When I’m not coding away or spending time with my family I’m usually hitting the trail or the water with with my camera in tow typically in the Carolinas – when I get lucky around the world. If you want to check out some of my photography jump over to www.joshcarlisle.com.

If you would like to reach out to me you can drop me an email at joshc at viewfusion dot com, drop me a message below, or drop me a tweet at @joshcarlisle