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Swiftkick Show Community Webcast - Be more productive then ever with Azure Functions

Azure Functions are the cornerstone of Azure's Serverless offerings and should be a part of every cloud developer’s tool belt!  With Azure Functions you simply concentrate on the code you need to get the job done and let Azure Functions take care of the scaling and availability for you. To sweeten the deal you only pay for what you use and never pay for idle time making Azure Functions one of the most productive and cost effective solutions available.  In this session we'll be building Azure Functions in the Azure Portal and in Visual Studio locally on your desktop with the Azure Functions CLI. We’ll cover common architectures and use cases for Azure Functions along with the fundamentals of the developer experience include Triggers, Bindings, debugging, and deployment.  All source code will be available on GitHub.

Webcast will be available online at

Recording of the webcast is now available at .